Excellence in Cargo Management

  • Your Reliable partner in Sea

    CMX is very much part of this largest trade channel ever invented by mankind. We are specialized in
    regular to one off cargo handling for sea transport and it has been one of the key factors of our
    success. We have vast experience in Handling Dry cargo, Reefer Cargo, Special or Project cargo and
    have an efficient team of professionals who are processing shipments all around the world both in export and Import.

  • Fly your cargo in CMX style

    With rising demand of this particular mode of cargo transportation, CMX has taken special interest in
    Air freight in last couple of years and has achieved regular movement via Air.
    Our services include:
    1. Airport to Airport
    2. Door to Airport
    3. Door to Door

  • Small or Big, your shipment is our Priority

    Cargo consolidation is the process of combining small shipments of many customers in one lot. On the
    other hand, deconsolidation is just the opposite; Breaking down a large shipment
    into smaller ones for quicker delivery.

Sea Freight

CMX has a large hand in the...Details

Air Freight

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Project Cargo / Special Cargo

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Cargo consolidation is the process of combining...Details

LCL (Less than Container Load)

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Customs clearance

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Personal Effects

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Perishable goods

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Who we work with

We have experience in dealing with all the industries in Bangladesh who are engaged in export and import. Some of the major ones are highlighted here


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Food & Beverages

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Plastic & Rubber

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Meet Our Team

Finance and Accounting

Our financial team might be one of the most important teams of our whole operation, ultimately all our work and your work...Details


Sales is one of the most important part our team. We have a professional sales team with up to date knowledge and...Details

Customer Service

Customer Service is the backbone of the entire process or trade. Our team of dedicated individuals are constantly making sure your cargo...Details


One of the most important factors of our team is operations. The operations team are taking on the tough tasks, making sure...Details


In international trade the trail of documents is one of the most important components of the entire logistics process. This is due...Details

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